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The Rendezvous Restaurant & Beer Emporium
Our Location
Our Beer List
Sandwiches and Salad Platters
Our Location

To get to the Rendezvous take US 1 north or south to Castillo Dr. Turn  left or East on Castillo.Proceed to the Brand New Parking Garage at the St. Augustine Visitors Ctr.
PARK YOUR CAR! "Don't worry, at $5.00 a day it beats a $15.00 ticket and you don't have to worry about feeding the meter all day!  then proceed south on St. George St. a couple of blocks (past the Columbia Rest.) and in the next block you will come upon the entrance to St. George's Row(on the right side of the street). Enter the mall(row, whatever) and proceed to the last little cubbyhole on the left- you found us! Come in and have drink!
Driving:(if you insist on geting closer, it's a lot more complicated).
US 1 to King Street, to the light at Riberia St. Left at the light, one block to Orange St. Right at the stop sign on Orange, go to the end of Orange St. (Do not pass go, Do not collect $200). Turn right, go approximately 1/2 block to Treasury St., take a deep breath and turn left. Another 1/2 a block and turn left on Spanish St. (almost there). Now, park in the first spot you can see with an open meter!
If during the day, feed the meter, if after 6pm forget it!
Are you still with me?
And proceed in the direction you were driving (north, if you have a compass) until you see a sign overhanging the  road (Spanish St.) , saying "St. George Row, 18 unusual shops...The Rendezvous Restaurant". Take a right through the double doors into the mall and then your first right into our little establishment. WHEW! You're there, or here! Whatever, order a beer and forget about what you've just been through!
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(904) 824-1090